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  • byte my ass

    well, better this car, than a real one.
    Than its more secure on the street I think.
    Have bloody Fun! happy new year
    Mr Tree

    Nature looks really cheap...

    Posté par Mr Tree, 03 janvier 2007 à 03:13 | | Répondre
  • Yeah probably more secure but..... 2007 will maybe be the year wich marie choose to pass the driving lesson!!!! And then be careful belgium and netherlands here I am!!!
    Ahhahahahahah be sure I'll be there
    Hope you're ok hope to see you soon bisous man tree

    Posté par marie, 11 janvier 2007 à 15:42 | | Répondre
  • What a good news !
    Now you have the car it's ok! Ready to the race with your little sister ?

    Posté par luna, 04 février 2007 à 14:34 | | Répondre
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